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SP1202 Fudge Fingas vs Vin Landers
‘Many Hands EP’

July 17th, 2005

SP1202 Sleeve
Prepare to forget all you thought you knew about Surface Pressure Records – welcome along to the curious and musically exquisite world of the modern day one-man-band and musical arsenal that is Mr. Gavin Sutherland.

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, some-time disc jockey, recent dad and one of the nicest blokes you could ever hope to meet, we are proud to present the debut release from Gav’s new Vin Landers moniker. A handful of varied solo productions under the name Fudge Fingas, remix work for the likes of Joseph Malik (Compost Records), frequent outings as ivory tinkler of choice for Edinburgh’s underground producers and live outfits, and the best part of a decade spent selling records from behind the counter at Underground Solush’n have all played their part in the inception of the “Many Hands” EP.

And so what does it sound like I hear you cry…well that’s the tricky part. Gav has explained his desire to bring the spontaneity of live playing to the more rigid aspects of his production techniques, something that is successfully audible in all the tracks you should be listening to now. Cuts such as “Sum Background” introduce honest and deceptively simple sounding drum-loops, fleshed out by layer upon layer of lush analogue warmth – keys, guitar, voice, whistling and all matter of other Vin Landers magic. “Don’t Fret It” manages to evoke both vintage-era Stevie and the quirkiness of early Money Mark, all the while remaining a personal and thoroughly modern take on a love song. In stark contrast is darker moment “Memory”, featuring vocal contributions penned and performed by long-time collaborator Reachout (Oh Eye Records), displaying another side altogether to Gav’s songwriting and further defying the possibility of pigeon-holing this outstanding release.

But that’s only three tracks on an EP of seven, so our suggestion to you, dear listener, is simply to check them for yourself in all their varied and unique glory. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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