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Vin Landers

December 11th, 2006

Vin Landers, a.k.a. Gav “Fudge Fingas” Sutherland, is a multi instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and sometime disc jockey who has been immersed in music from a very young and tender age. Now aging rapidly, his current incarnation as Mr.Landers is an attempt to collate all his experience of different musical forms into one all encompassing sound.

From early songs written as young as six years old to session playing for many of the towns’ clubland producers and live outfits ; solo productions, ivory tinklings and remixes for various local and worldwide record labels ; and the best part of a decade spent behind the counter at Underground Solush’n selling vinyls to the junkies ; all these endeavours have provided the inspiration for this direction.

In his own words, “The music I make seeks to bring the spontaneity of live playing to the more rigid production techniques, to bring together all styles in the one place and confront history and future on an equal basis. For just as each person writes their own history to suit, so too do we make our own future… it’s as much down to the individual as it is to the many.”

No, I don’t know what he means either.

SP1202 Fudge Fingas vs Vin Landers ‘Many Hands EP’

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