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December 11th, 2006

Bobby Perman AKA S-Type (formally Stereo Type*) has been making music in different forms for most of his 18 years. Born and Bred in Edinburgh, the young producer got his first drum kit for his 9th birthday and has been in many bands playing all sorts. After getting Cubase and a computer (influenced by his older brothers) when he was 15 he began messing with samples and trying to imitate his favourite producers at the time.

He started uploading his beats on the net for fellow artists to comment on, this led to collaborating with MCs from different parts of the UK and even US rappers. Although he had improved having had a couple of years of experience making Hip Hop on Cubase, he clubbed together with his brother, Tommy (AKA Esc) and bought an MPC from a friend of a friend (even though Bobby hogged it in his room for most of the time).

In late 2003, the two brothers decided to set up Surface Pressure Records – a platform to put out their own and their friend’s music. ‘Soul For Your Stereo’ featuring a Detroit MC by the name of Finale, with the B-Side “Spin” alongside East London rapper Logan, was set to be S-Type and Surface Pressure’s debut release. The 12” also features a dirty electronic Detroit style remix of “Soul…” by Sonar Kollectiv’s Dimlite. Due to issues that anyone trying to run an independent label will face, the release date was pushed back and We Yo Nee’s 7” became the first release.

‘Soul For Your Stereo’ and it’s remix have received lots of support from European radio DJs, leading to new contacts. S-Type and Esc are set to do a 3-show tour in November 2004, performing with Dimlite across Switzerland. There is also talk of going to Paris in 2005 to hook up with Astro Lab Recordings, an independent label who are putting out a small compilation in February 2005, featuring an exclusive S-Type track. He is currently concentrating on DJing and production and collaborating with MCs such as Logan and Lowkey from London, Loki from Washington/Philly, Evets from Sheffield and has many other collaborations in the pipeline.

*changed after unreasonable emails of legal threats, by a certain European producer with a similar name

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